Sad Love It makes me sad to see so

Sad Love


It makes me sad to see so many people who project their fantasy self to the person they want to fall in love with.  Then when they finally show the person their true self later on in the relationship all goes to shit.

Its even sadder when both people are doing the same thing, then a fantasy falls in love with a fantasy.

Eventually all fantasies fade and only the truth remains.

When I looked at your eyes for the first time, I read your true self, the one you hide in. 

I saw all your desires and faults from the start, and chose to love you despite.

I can see past the fantasy and into the soul, and that’s the you I wanted to hold.

When I chose to love you its because I wanted to be in love with you and to give you your every wish and desire and even your fantasy’s

I know how you need to be loved and I can give you every experience you need

I know how to love you completely



copy-write May 16, 2013


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