Sad Love It makes me sad to see so

Sad Love   It makes me sad to see so many people who project their fantasy self to the person they want to fall in love with.  Then when they finally show the person their true self later on in the relationship all goes to shit. Its even sadder when both people are doing the … Continue reading


I had a vision and it was of

I had a vision and it was of great wonder Pyramid stone amongst jungles of infinity stars moving past us with slow motion beauty I stare into the miracle of you I read you as an open book The beauty of forever ness rests in your perfect self Arrows race past us with great speeds … Continue reading


Picking my Goddess

I am reading up on a few different Goddesses so I can pick one as my Matron Goddess that I want to worship in my craft.  I am really wanting to pick one that I can relate to personality wise and also so when I am doing what I do best I will feel like … Continue reading

Advertisements name Rati in Sanskrit means “the pleasure of love, sexual passion or union, amorous enjoyment”, all of which Rati personifies.[19] Rati also indicates the female-seed.Hindu Goddess of Passion and Lust…. 😉 Advertisements Continue reading