310 class field trip

This last weekend was great. We learned how to use sherman traps to trap small mammals. We then measured and weighed the animals then released them back into the wild.  The purpose of doing this type of research is to deterine the health of species.  Is their habitat free of pollutants? Do they get enough to eat? If they are sick, why? What is in the area that could be affecting them? Also if doing a study for any specific amount of time is your animal marked correctly. Ear tag if it is a long study, could be as simple as a hair clipping if the study will last under 6 weeks. After 6 weeks the hair will grow back and you will need to re mark your critter if you wish to study it longer. Another reason to do this might be to study the habbitd of the animals to determine where to put in habitat cooriders between habitats.  Example: A freeway runs strait through the middle of a habbitat. You would want to track an animal to determine where it is most likely to cross.  You can then put cooridors where the animals will use them in the future. 


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